The 3rd Annual Snow Shoe Challenge.

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Race update: Course looks great, more details closer to date!

Each race has a 5km, a 10Km and a 50 yard dash for cash.

$25 Dollar Pre­registration. $30 Day of registration, cash or check only. 

Race 1:
December 31st
Independence Mine, Hatcher Pass

Race 2:
March 4 2017

Independence Mine, Hatcher Pass

Nunataq Snowshoe Race for December 31, 2016 will take place at the top of
Hatcher Pass at Independence Mine. Race Course: Hatcher/Wi llow Pass Road up
to Summit Lake and Back down


Race Start Time!!! 11am Start!

Drive to the parking area where Independence Mine trail head starts. There will be a Five Dollar parking fee via the State Park! Rangers will be there to reinforce the pay requirement. Carpooling is recommended. They do not charge to park at the sixteen mile pull off, the parking area before the old Mother Lode Lodge, so staging cars there and transporting up to the upper parking area is advised. Day of Registration starts at 9:45am and stops at 10:45am. There will be a $30.00 race day fee.Bib pick-up and Race Day registration will be located in the Hatcher Pass Lodge (the red A-frame buildings at the top parking area). The start of this race will take place below the A-framed lodge. There is a small pull-off at the start area, but limited spots for parking. It is a short walk to starting area from the Hatcher Lodge. This course runs you up to Summit Lake, around the lake and back down.  

Kids 1k is a free event 3-10 years old, no snow shoes are required. Mom or Dad encouraged to
help out and run too! Just line up and have fun!

50 yard dash for cash

​ . Located at the start and finish line of 5k and 10k race course. $25 dollar payout to
 winners in both men and women divisions. Just line up and sprint 50 yards, in snowshoes. 
First one to cross finish line wins!

Winners will receive payment at the award ceremony after the race.

5K race course description for Hatcher Pass/Summit Lake

 Course will be up and back, finishing where you start, beginning at the bottom turn out, near Independence Mine, at the gravel road (Willow Pass) that takes you up to Summit Lake area. The road is closed for the winter but will be hard packed from snow machines unless there is a fresh snowfall. The course will run up hill 1.6 miles. There will be a marked area for the turnaround point. The runners will then descend off-piste, single track or fresh powder, through designated area off to the side off road. There is a fair amount of climbing in this race, over 900ft.


10k race Course description; Hatcher Pass/Summit Lake 

  This course will also be up and back, finishing where you start. The start is also at the same location of the 5k race. Bottom of Hatcher/Willow Pass road, at the pull out near Independence Mine, that takes you over to Willow via Summit Lake. Conditions should be groomed or packed snow on the road. It will be a mass start including 10k and 5k participants. The 10k course will take you up and around Summit Lake, twice! Thats two laps around Summit Lake below April Bowl. 1000ft elevation gain, then will descend back down the hill through fresh snow or single track to the Start area. The trail conditions around Summit lake will be single track through untracked snow.


Information for athletes

All racers are required to wear snow shoes. There is no snow shoe size requirement. There will be no aid stations on the course, water will be provided at
start/finish area, along with an electrolyte drink from Hammer Nutrition.

It is recommended that you bring a change of clothes for after the race. Also wearing a neck gaiter or hooded jacket works well for keeping the snow from going down the back of your shirt.
There will be volunteers on the course incase aid is needed, only to be used in correlation of injury and navigation.

Online registration will end at 12pm, the afternoon of Thursday the 29th December, 2016. Register now to avoid
an additional $5 dollar registration fee. Pre-registration is $25, Credit on pay pal or cash and
check at Active Soles. Day of registration is $30. Cash or check ONLY! Race shirts will be sold day of race for ten dollars a shirt.

If you have already registered for the race and have Not paid please submit your payment to our pay-pal account before race day to avoid an additional $10 dollar cost.

We will update each course on this Web site, and inform racers of course conditions and weather.

Thank you for inquiring about our race.
You can register for race in the Register Section. If you are a 'Happy Runner'your username will work.
Or stop in at Active Soles Performance Footwear located in the Koslosky Center in downtown Palmer. Open 10am -6pm Mon-Sat. (907) 746-0600.